Sunday, December 7, 2008

paris preparation

I guess you are grown up when you decide to take a trip and you leave on xmas day. it seemed like such a great idea in July. hey, the traffic is down. people are too old for xmas. oh yeah, and i am a teacher and i actually have time off for the holiday. what a great idea. too bad more people in America don't get the idea. we talk about the protestant work ethic, but we don't work as hard as we should when we are there. then, we want to spend more time doing something that should have been done a long time ago. Europe and Latin America are not falling off the face of the world by taking a more relaxed approach to the work day. Oh well, i digress. So, i work my three jobs and decide to take a vacation over xmas. all goes well, until now, when everyone thinks i am not prepared and i need new camera and i need to prepare for a trip of a lifetime. hey, if i like it i'll go back, so i am not worried. And just what i am going to do there? Legue One is down for the xmas holiday so no games between Olympque Marseilles or Paris St. Germaine. My hotel, the Normandie, is on the Rue d'Estelle, about 15 minutes from the Louvre and about ten from Notre Dame Catherdral. hey, Quasimodo, you in there? Just a short hop and skip and jump from Bibliotecqe Nationale.(spell) it is rated about five stars, but it is convenientl omitted from many of the travel books i have been trying to look at? uh oh.
So, anyway, i fly into the city of lights early december 26 and i will probably go to a cafe'. and maybe take a bus tour to get my bearings with the help of a pro. should be ok. then, i am sure i will do some shopping and take a look around. maybe visit Morrison's grave. one of the big American tourist hotspots. I wanted to do what Hemingway did, shoot a few pigeons in the park with his shotgun to prevent himself and his wife from starving before the first book was published, but that might not happen.
i met a young parisian over the summer at a friend's family gathering and it was all good. he invited me to call him and to visit his parents who he insisted would be happy to say hello. i thought not, but he gave me the list of places to visit and told me about the pickpockets and thieves who mark american tourists.
i tried to bone up on my long forgotten french phrases but somewhere along the way, in the 3,000 plus book family library, i threw away, Basic Conversational French. Damn. Voulez vous cashe e-z la checque?


Laurie Pyszkowski said...

I hope you're not going by yourself! Europe can be a lonely place all by yourself - especially if you know little of the language. Have a great trip! Post your travel musings on the blog. Laurie P.

Jack Wallingford said...

je suis americain. Certainment, je parle en piu francais. au revoir.

kray1 said...

I hope you have a fabulous time in gay Pari!I know that is spelled wrong- never learned french. Take some photos and post them on the 9 gems blog for all to see. Practice with that new camera you received for the holiday. Leave a kiss for Jim Morrison from me- I would love to have his leather pants! Rock on!

Jack Wallingford said...

Morrison's leather pants are in cleveland at the rock n'roll hall of fame. they do not fit me anymore. they must have shrunk.

i am not sure i am visiting morrison's grave. it is in the cemetrie d'????. senrio moments are striking me more and more. it is terrible. the cemetary he is buried in also has balzac, edith piaf, and a host of luminaries and not so luminary. if i get a chance i will go, but it is not pressing.

my hotel is on the rue d'eschelle by the way. L'hotel du Normandie. it is on this little map i have of paris. I am in the very heart of the city and not far from most sites. i am traveling with my friend, marge donkin. she does not speak french and i am getting sick of listening to french tapes day and night. je suis un mal d'tet(spell).

i will take some photos and post to the family blog. another learning experience for me.